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Peer-Reviewed Articles

Big Crime & Big Policing:Is it all about Big Money?

(University of Toronto Press) forthcoming 2023

Edited by Tonita Murray (Queen's)

Elizabeth Kirley (Osgoode)

Stephen Schneider (St Mary's Halifax) 

"The Mask as Metaphor: Rethinking Face Cover Aversion in COVID-19 Times" in
Outsmarting the Next Pandemic: What COVID Can Teach

Elizabeth Kirley & Deborah Porter (eds) (Routledge UK 2022)

"When Cute Becomes Criminal: Emoji, Threats and Online Grooming" 21 MINN. J. L. SCI. & TECH. 37 (2019)

"The Emoji Factor: humanizing the emerging law of digital speech" 
85 TENN. L. R. 2, 517 (Winter 2018)

 "Can Digital Speech Loosen the Gordian Knot of Reputation Law?"    32 SANTA CLARA HIGH TECH. L. J. 2, 171  (2016) 

Elizabeth Kirley

"The Robot as Cub Reporter: law's emerging role in cognitive journalism" 7 EURO. J. L. & TECH. 3 (2016)

Elizabeth Kirley

"Are We Ethically Bound to Use Student Engagement Technologiesfor Teaching Law?" 49 THE LAW TEACHER: 2, 219-241 (2016) 

Elizabeth Kirley

Reputational Privacy and the Internet: A Matter for Law?

Elizabeth Kirley

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